Yify Proxy – Yify Unblocked YTS Mirror Sites List

Yify Proxy  : In this modern world of online content development, it is difficult to find a developer who is developing original content. The content which is good in quality, and are evident in the picture. But as Torrents took pace, it became difficult for different content developers to post good quality content. This content is published periodically on the web.

The up-loaders upload every movie in cam quality as well as other moderate quality. These uploaders reap the benefits since they were available much before the better quality videos. But when we talk about clarity and performance, Yify is undoubtedly at a stature. And, no other quality can match it. MKV guy and ETRG is also a great way to go, but it is again no match to Yify proxy.

Yify proxy

Yify Proxy

Thus, the popular Yify uploaders over-shadow the uploaders who have been providing 720p and 1080p videos. This is why the Yify started its website called YTS. It helped in creating its domain and publish all videos on a single platform to enhance convenience. But since a ban on the Torrent ban is put up, Yify Torrent has become difficult to operate and download videos from. This is why the proxy servers have been developed by Yify, which are required if you want to access the website. As you use the server, a proxy page will open which will then start the download of the video.

There are many active proxy servers for Yify, out of which you can choose up to your convenience. You can unblock all the websites that you were locked out of earlier. This way you can bypass the blocking mechanism and reached the service to download the Yify torrent of the video you require.

Importance of Yify Proxy sites 

These proxy sites are significant since movie torrent sites for YTS are not easily accessible through the Internet after the ban. After imposing of the ban, the blocking mechanism has also been put into play on YTS to save themselves from the ban. Only a proxy server can be used to access such torrent downloading websites so that safety is maintained and the government does not block their website as well. And since it has become difficult to access such websites, the proxy websites become very important.

Now let’s look into why such websites are not easily accessible. When an uploader uploads some content, he uploads it for the sole purpose of sales to earn revenue. The people who are buying the content, only have to use it for the personal uses and should not publish it elsewhere for commercial purposes. This is because if the content is shared all around the world by the one person who purchases it, then this can result in a multi-fold decline in the revenue since the sharing process is only going to multiply.

And this is why the torrent websites are being shut down by the government policies, as the torrent ban has been imposed so that the revenue of the real publishers do not go down. This is why even if the content is available with the torrent websites, they have been stripped off the power of sharing it with the world for free, to save the real publishers.

But there is a certain bypass where some Yify proxy sites are not detected by the government. Due to this, you can still access some of the torrent websites and download the contents that you need without any hidden costs. This is why such Yify proxy sites become important.

Advantages of Yify movie torrents

There is a reason why the Yify Torrent is very popular among the content downloaders. It is one of the less popular Torrent downloading platforms with high-quality movies. And, mostly all the video content available in the market. Whether it be a movie in the Blu-ray format or a 720p or 1080p video, Yify proxy sites have it all.

The Yify mirror sites can direct you to the similar page as well. This is why the Yify Torrents are becoming popular. And, such Yify proxy sites can direct you to the torrent sharing platform everyone loves.

Most of the people find it unnecessary to pay for the video content which they are only going to watch a single time. This is because people don’t like to pay for everything that they enjoy. Therefore, Yify Torrent is a great way to go and download content for free since you don’t have to pay for everything that you watch.

Another great thing about the Yify Torrents is that all the video content is available in the premium format. The clarity in the form of video and audio are of no match to any other video. Also, a range of content is available, which is the widest of them all.

Download movies from Yify Torrent

There are specific active sources and Yify proxy sites which you need to access to unblock the Yify proxy sites. This is why Yify mirror sites have been created to provide you direct access to the Yify Torrents. Yify mirror sites are a decoy to the real Yify Torrent site.

Below are the direct links which are going to redirect you to the Yify Torrents site. So, click on any one of them, find your content and enjoy!

Yify Unblocked – YTS Mirror Sites List


All of these websites are currently online, and the server speed is very fast as well. All of them are well-performing websites which can help you to download your favorite content for free rapidly!


Yify Torrents are one of the best ways to download your favourite video content for free. You can click on any of the Yify mirror sites links to bypass the Yify proxy server and download your favourite films with out paying. And keeping in mind your safety, the VPN will provide a secure connection.