Torlock Proxy | List Of Top Torlock Unblocked Mirror And Proxy Sites

Torlock Proxy: Today we are going to discuss some interesting torrent site named Torlock. It is one of the best websites in torrent sites. The user can collect a great collection of latest and updated movies, TV shows, Games, eBooks, and Software in this site. Not only that you can get old movies and software in its library.

Torlock Proxy 2020

From any torrent sites, you can get an unlimited collection of digital content with free of cost. It always updated with the latest contents on the website.  Right now Torlock is the best option for users to download any latest movies and TV shows on Android smartphone. It offers a great collection for download.


But nowadays a lot of torrenting websites, internet service providers are banning Torlock site. Because of this Torlock Proxy, users can’t access this site and are unable to download any latest and old movies. This is due to some piracy content used by the website authorities. So this makes the Government and ISP block these sites. So, Through this article, we will help you with different alternate options to unblock the Torlock Proxy website as well as download the torrent files even if it’s blocked.

Steps To Unblock Torlock Proxy Site

Here we are providing different solutions to unblock Torlock sites. They are

  • Proxy Sites
  • Mirror Sites
  • VPN services

By using all these three methods users can easily unblock the Turlock Proxy and able to download the latest movie and watch them sitting at one place. Proxy sites or proxies are one of the best solutions to unblock any torrent websites. These proxies are nothing but the same site but have different domain names to access. But sometimes proxy servers are also blocked. Because nowadays most of the firewalls have now become smart and they will detect the proxy servers and block them in your networks. So, you can’t access that blocked sites by using proxy sites.

By using mirror sites you can unblock the banned sites and able to access the website content on your Android devices. While using mirror sites you need to hide the IP address for that VPN is required. With the help of a VPN, you can easily change the IP address and download all the latest videos for free.

Torlock Proxy Sites

Using VPN Servers Unblock Torlock Proxy

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks can easily unblock the banned sites and then you can access those blocked sites and download your latest movies, TV shows and etc. It automatically encrypts your traffic and routes all of it through their own servers. Also, read Yify Proxy, 1337x proxy, and Extratorrent

So, that you are visiting websites doesn’t know your network. Firewalls only see traffic which is coming from the VPN server and it doesn’t block your server. Adding VPN changes your IP address and then the user can access the blocked sites in your country.

Best Torlock Proxy and Mirror Sites 2020

Torlock Proxy/ Mirror Sites       Status           Speed  Online  Fast
https://torlock.unblocked.vcOnline       Very Fast  Fast Online Slow  Fast Fast
Proxy1Working  Normal
USA ProxyWorking Fast
UK ProxyWorkingVery Fast

Above mentioned proxy and mirror sites are helpful for you if the main website is blocked by the government or ISP in your country.

Generally, people download digital contents like movies, TV shows, games, and eBooks using Torlock. But this website has banned, due to some reasons. All unblock methods are mentioned in this article. By using those unblocking methods you can unblock the sites and access to download the latest movies and stream online on Android devices and also on IOS devices.