LimeTorrents Proxy – LimeTorrents Unblock and Mirror Sites List

LimeTorrents website is the famous proxy directory. It provides the links of other websites hosting the file, instead of hosting the file itself. LimeTorrents website is good at downloading games, software, movies, eBooks, music, etc. This site doesn’t contain any ill-fitted or valueless content. Also, it is completely family-friendly site and comes up with all the online listed torrents sites. LimeTorrents also contains a separate section containing all the verified elements by their users. However, the government and the content creators of many countries and regions have blocked these LimeTorrents sites. So, a personneeds a VPN access or LimeTorrentz Proxyservers to unblock LimeTorrents.

LimeTorrents Proxy

LimeTorrentz Proxyis very popular and people use it widely for accessing and downloading the blocked and banned contents easily. Nowadays, the graph of the block website is increasing day by day rapidly. So, to tackle with the present scenario, torrent proxy sites are becoming very important. People like the Torrents and LimeTorrents proxy server is providing them a base to access these sites. One can find seeders easily using these proxy servers.
Using LimeTorrents proxy server, one can unblock website, bypass filters etc. using the ordinary web browser. There is no requirement to install any third party program. There are terms and conditions for using these services and it is mandatory to agree to those terms of use.

LimeTorrents Proxy

LimeTorrents Proxy Sites

The LimeTorrents proxy site is a Torrent search engine and it is not the parent host of the torrent files. It links to host websites containing Torrents contents and files. It has a very simple interface to use and creates less disorder as compared to other sites. is one of the best sites to download verified Torrents. It is safe to use. The attack of malware and virus can be minimised using these sites as each Torrent verifies the website before uploading the data.

Recently, it has been found that a lot of ISPs, firewalls at schools, colleges and offices has banned Torrent sites. LimeTorrentz Proxy Sites let people access and browse LimeTorrents using any IP and from any location. However, most of the firewalls are becoming smart. They automatically detect proxy servers and block them. Yet, these sites are protecting themselves and are very helpful.

All the list of the contents appears in the arranged way. It makes browsing such media very easy. LimeTorrents video streaming sites are also very popular which allow complete access to Torrents videos online. Additionally, many online cloud services are supporting these sites. They let the person download the Torrent directory to their cloud which makes easy streaming of the content. One can directly stream or access those videos, movies etc. online without downloading. Preview before downloading is also available.

List of LimeTorrents Mirror Sites

If one is not able to access LimeTorrents in his/her region, then either the LimeTorrentz Mirror Sites or some proxy sites are required for unblocking. The mirror site is an exact replicated version of the original site that contains all the authentic data. The term unblocked proxy site simply means accessing the blocked sites. Thus, this is the way to download the content from the blocked Torrent sites without facing any problem and hindrance. People are using the LimeTorrents mirror sites and proxy sites are immaculately in 2018.

Here is the list containing LimeTorrents mirror sites.

LimeTorrents Mirror Sites Speed
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Very fast

How to Unblock LimeTorrents Sites?

The year 2009 witnesses the introduction of, and it allows the downloading of all the top TV shows and movies. However, many nations and firewalls of schools and colleges have blocked this site owing to the violation of copyrights and piracy laws. But, there are certain alternatives to unblock this site. This unblock process should be safe and easy-to-use. And, the LimeTorrents proxy site is one of these alternatives. It allows the user to bypass internet censorship only.

These proxy services don’t encrypt the online activities of the user. One can access any of the mirror sites or proxy sites from his/her browser easily. So, if the LimeTorrents website is blocked by the ISP or government, then these services can be accessed by using any good web proxy or VPN server. LimeTorrentzProxy Unblocking can be done by using proxy sites like FilterByPass, HideMyAss, etc. There are more than 500 proxy sites available which are working efficiently and provide fast and secure browsing. One can use these proxy websites by entering LimeTorrents URL for browsing Torrents.

However, proxy services degrade the network connection. So, anyone can use the LimeTorrents proxy and mirror sites for an easy access of these Torrents. These websites are the clone websites which are run by LimeTorrents staffs rendering unblocking service of Torrents. So, the person just needs to visit the URL of the mirror sites to access the LimeTorrents. It is very easy and helpful.

How to access LimeTorrents using VPN?

Proxy services don’t encrypt the torrent traffic and other activities. There are a number of VPN services available that give top-grade encryption tunneling protocols, transparent policy and P2P servers in all the major regions of the world. There are VPN providers which unblock LimeTorrents sites safely from any location.
Here are the steps to execute the unblocking process safely.

1. Select any of the good VPN services.
2. Create an account on the VPN provider’s website.
3. Select the plan and make payment.
4. Now, download and install the VPN app.
5. After that, log in by entering your username and password.
6. Go to server list and connect to the server.
7. After successful connection, unblock cc and start downloading unlimited Torrents.


LimeTorrents are completely reliable and safe for downloading using transparent policy. However, LimeTorrents proxy sites do not protect from copyright trolls and laws violation. Hence, the person needs a safe tool like VPN for unblocking and accessing LimeTorrents. It will help him to not get trapped in any legal matters and potentially fined.