EZTV Proxy | List Of EZTV Unblocked Mirror Sites

EZTV Proxy torrent site is the most popular site in the market. Where you can find the latest content related to movies, TV shows, games and etc. It is one of the best websites among all the available torrent sites. It shares the content to a global platform with high quality. Because of this, you can download movies, software’s, music, anime, and many others.

EZTV Proxy 2020

Due to some illegal content provided by EZTV proxy, the government has banned the site in some specific countries. If you are the regular user of this site then you don’t worry about that. With the help of proxy and Mirror sites, we can these banned sites in those countries.  EZTV proxy is one of the best torrent site that ranked in 2014. This site avoids the advertisements and never asks the money for accessing and downloading the content.


Proxy and mirror sites are good alternatives to the users who are using this torrent site for downloading the latest movies. But sometimes proxy also stopped by internet service providers. If it had done then VPN is the best technique to collect any type of movies based on your interest. VPN allows unblocking the banned sites and then you can use those sites on Android smartphones or computers.

Steps To Access Banned EZTV Proxy Using VPN

Normally users use the proxy servers or mirror sites for banned websites to download all the movies. If the proxy servers are also stopped by the government or ISP, then at that time you can use the VPN to access the banned sites. Best VPN are listed here, and they are Pure VPN, Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost, Tor Guard, and Express VPN. Also, check another torrent sites like Zamunda Proxy, Putlocker Proxy, and Extratorrents Proxy

EZTV Proxy Sites

All this VPN are designed with a simple interface and very easy to use. But Express VPN is the best VPN when compared with the other four VPN listed above. By using any of this VPN you can unblock the banned sites and can use. It is free of cost and best, easy and fast process to unblock these proxy torrent sites.

 Best EZTV Unblocked Proxy Mirror sites

Users use torrent sites for downloading. Also now you can find a lot of proxy and unblocked mirror sites for EZTV on Google. By using these proxy servers and Mirror sites you can access the stopped torrent sites in your country. It is fully free of cost and you can collect high-quality content from the EZTV torrent sites. All those best proxy and Mirror sites are listed here:

Site NameSpeedStatus
https://eztv.unblocked.pl/Very FastWorking
https://eztv.unblocked.vet/Very FastOnline
https://eztv1.unblocked.ms/Very FastOnline
Eztv.unblockall.org Very FastOnline
Eztv.nocensor.bid     ModerateWorking
Eztv.bypassed.cool    Very FastWorking
Eztv.123unblock.party   FastNormal
Eztv1.unblocked.lol ModerateOnline


In this article, we had provided the best EZTV proxy and unblocked mirror sites. We hope this article gives full information about the EZTV website. Here we also mentioned the access of VPN to unblock the sites. This website always updates with new links for all the users to download the latest movies and TV shows.