CouchTuner Proxy | List Of CouchTuner Unblocked Mirror Sites

CouchTuner – A free streaming and downloading website for movies, TV Shows, Web Series and many more. It is the topmost popular website for the latest movies and TV shows. You can collect a wide range of TV shows by using this website. It has a lot of viewers in the USA. Without any sign-up, the user can use this website and can find movies of any language and also of any Genre. This website is safe for users to download digital content and your devices won’t get any virus and malware.


CouchTuner Proxy 2020

CouchTuner websites provide pirated content to all the users because it is called as a pirated website. It has been banned in some countries by the government or internet service providers. Due to this you won’t access this main domain for streaming and downloading all the latest movies. By using some methods you can unblock and use this CouchTuner Proxy on your devices.

Due to pirated content, CouchTuner Proxy sites have been blocked in few countries like India, Germany, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, and more. It is really so sad about online streaming users. But don’t worry you can unblock the sites using different methods. Generally, people use proxy sites, mirror sites, and VPN services for unblocking the sites. But here we are giving one more extra method to unblock the sites i.e. by using an IP address to unblock sites rather than URL.

Unblock CouchTuner Proxy Using IP Address

Each and every website URL has an IP address. Internet service providers and the government will block the URL instead of an IP address. So by using this IP address of the websites, a user can access the blocked site in their countries. The user can find the IP address of the site just by ping command in Command prompt. This is a simple way to unblock the sites. Also, read Filmywap, 2movierulz, and Moviez Rockers.

If in any case, IP address also blocked and you have another method to open the sites. For that just run CMD on your computer and type ping and press enter. Then it automatically returns the IP address. After you can enter the IP address of the website, you can access the site for online streaming and download the latest movies and TV shows. This is a simple method to unblock the websites.

Top Best CouchTuner Proxy Mirror Sites

Site NameSpeedStatus Very FastWorking
https://movie4u.liveVery FastOnline
https://mycouchtuner.oneModerateWorking FastOnline
CouchTuner.FR   ModerateOnline   Very FastOnline  FastOnline
Zen 44 proxyFastWorking
CouchTuner OneVery FastWorking


Not only with IP address you can also unblock the sites using Proxy and Mirror sites. All these proxy and mirror sites are the different domain names of the main website. Without any disturbance and problems, you can stream and download the latest digital contents such as movies, TV shows, music, videos and etc.

Here we mentioned a different method to unblock the websites. All are using VPN services, Proxy sites and Mirror sites for unblocking. Besides these methods, we here discussed other different methods which are available and helpful in unblocking the torrent sites. After reading this article you can get full information about Unblock CouchTuner Proxy and Mirror sites. Hope all the content scheduled above gives detailed information.